the music zone (demos, etc.)

when i think

about u

i cant help thinking

of pretty things

and a big house

on main street

with a stupid lil dog

a stupid lil dog

when i go out to drink

i think im dying

when i turn 23

in a sandlot

with a slow

"u dont know

what i know

i love her

and i mean that"

your a big mess

i'll always forgive her

cuz true love

never withers

im no more

than a drunkard

so its cool

i'll never see her

years pass me by

and im falling

im falling

on my ass

years pass me by

and im breaking

im cracking

like glass

i hope you take a picture

of things i did

that never could

provide her

big gulp to ur mouth

when you laugh

you spit it out

i scream so loud

i havent been this proud

in a long time

i feel alive

and baby

you look so crazy

but i love on crazy on u

i feel insane

like my serotonin's

out of place

i think i need

a new brain

or something better

to replace

and im sorry

that u look so ugly

but i look ugly too


dont come crying

no one's surviving

in this small town

no world

dont u think first

break down

shot down

no one to my throat

punch drunk

kick drum

no one gives a fuck

if im going

ima really do it

if im crying

ima do it

all morning

if he says so

u should really trust it

i dont think im ever

gonna really move past this

everybody i know

isnt really

everybody i know

isnt really nothing

to me

and i thought that i had

caught her

fuckin up

i know where ur going

caught in a tailspin

of never knowing

"what do u think

that dying is like?"

idk babe

idk babe

i got myself in

a deep bind baby

you think ur pretty

i think ur crazy

theres nothing i wouldnt try

to make u be mine

got lost drowning

in the deep sea lately

am i stupid

or does god hate me

would it really change ur mind

if i did ten hundred times

would it really hurt to try

no point wasting time

words dont lie

but i dont believe u

ur face held down

on the dirty man

i told u

i spent all night

crying like a baby

i want u

but nothing's changed

your still the same

i told u

hey brad

can u take me to macy's?

i wanna get drunk

in the parking lot

all those sad songs

made me feel much worse

i loved u so much

i think that it got rehearsed

like it really matters

you act like everything matters

i dont think anything matters

i thought i heard u say

"im never gonna be the same"

thats something i dont really get

but i think i just overreact

funny face on ur mouth

as i hear the stupid words

come out

u kick me when im down

and watch the blood trickle out

and watch the blood trickle out

and watch the blood trickle out

bottle rock kid

down in flames

down the river

i feel the same

everyone forgets me


i regret nothing

these days

u and me

trick or treat

on halloween

i got too scared

everything is dead to me

i played a prank

and now i paid

walk me home

hold my throat

feel me up until

i breal

"its hanna

from highschool

she's calling"

u must be fucking crazy

to talk here

"i never really did grow up

i just got tired"

cool but i dont really remember asking

and its a damn shame u know

that no one cares about her

every picture is painted like a dream

and every new colour

can take u out to see

lose him

not me

cuz im all you could need

lose him

not me

cuz baby ur what i need

dont hide ur face

parade through the day

and dont feel ashamed

ur always second place

and baby

dont worry about me

and baby dont tell me

a god damn thing

dont be afraid

you'll always find a way

and dont forget to chase

it helps u

drown out the taste

could have been the radio

that's always breaking down

could have been the fact

that you always run your mouth

but nothings gonna change that


could have been the blank space

sitting in ur head

could have been the voice

that really wants u dead

but nothings gonna stop me now

the fat man dove too deep

put himself to sleep

i always catch myself

in a dream

im always sleepin

oh baby

everybody sees a clown

right next to me

cuz why else be

laughing at me

im not a freak

oh baby